Preschool & daycare

This is our second infant room for ages 6 months to 13 months.  Once they become mobile, we will move them to this room when a spot is available.   We have a 1 to 4 teacher ratio. To make sure that we keep the safest standards possible, we are a safe sleep center. This means that babies will be laid down on their backs with no items in their crib. Sleep sacks have been approved to use to swaddle the babies and they are provided by the center.  

Bear Country

  • Bottles (clean and sanitized: enough for each feeding each day)​

  • Diapers & wipes (a big package or at least enough for the week)

  • Extra clothing (we recommend at least two extra changes of clothes)

  • Diaper cream (if needed)

  • Formula (if your child does not use the formula provided by the center)

  • Pacifier (if needed)

  • Coats and shoes for going outside. Sunscreen in the summer.

Items to bring to class: All items need to be labeled with your child’s name on them