Preschool & daycare

This class is for the older 3 years old and younger 4 years old children.  There is a 1 to 10 teacher ratio, and each teacher creates a weekly lesson plan. All the children must be potty trained to be in this class. Here the children continue to learn by having circle time, learning centers, art, science, and large group play. They learn handwriting with a program called writing without tears. They continue training their large and fine motor skills with sensory stations and peer play.  They also start writing their names, identifying letters and shapes, using scissors, and word recognition.

  • Fitted crib sheet and blanket for your child’s cot at nap

  • Soft toy for nap (optional) 

  • Show and Tell items (Friday Only) 

  • Extra clothes & a jacket/coat in colder weather

  • Sunscreen during summer months


Items to bring to class: All items need to be labeled with your child’s name on them